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"Dan, where can I hear your music?"

Here are links to many of the projects I've been involved with which have web presence. If I forgot something, let me know!





Daniel Fries Flamenco Guitar - My guitar-based flamenco inspired recordings. <a href="http://danielfriesmusic.com/album/introspective">Bodas De Galisteo by Daniel Fries</a> Daniel Fries - Camino de la Luna    Daniel Fries Flamenco on Myspace
Trio Paz - My Live Latin/Flamenco Rumba Trio which plays around California. <a href="http://triopaz.com/album/trio-paz">!Ng'ombe Dume by Trio Paz</a>   Trio Paz on Myspace
Kabbalah Dream Orchestra - Chassidic Electronica collaboration with Shalom Pasternak. <a href="http://kabbalahdreamorchestra.com/album/ancient-of-days">Benoni by Kabbalah Dream Orchestra</a> Kabbalah Dream Orchestra - Ancient of Days Buy the CD
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Kabbalah Dream Orchestra on Myspace
Hamed Nikpay - Amazing Haunting Persian singing with a flamenco touch- I co-wrote, mixed and produced the album "All is Calm (Asoudeh)", which we supported with a tour Summer '09. http://www.hamednikpay.com/ Hamed Nikpay - All Is Calm (Asoudeh)  CD HERE! Hamed Nikpay on Myspace
The Something Experience - A "Tongue In Cheek Pop" Explosion of high quality lobrow tunes, something for everyone. <a href="http://thesomethingexperience.com/album/a-deeper-depth-of-shallow">br Dsc by The Something Experience</a>     The Something Experience on Myspace
Funkiri - Blues/Funk band featuring Jason "Ewald" Taylor, JP Buongiorno, and Ben Scarola. Funkiri on friesarts.com Funkiri  Buy the CD
FUNKIRI: Funkiri
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Funkiri on Myspace
Basquerole - Spacy World Electronica with Oudist Eliot Bates Basquerole on friesarts.com Basquerole - Morning of Radiance    Basquerole on Myspace
Jason Ewald - The man with the golden voice! - I co-wote and mixed a few songs with him. Check "Still Works" and "Whatcha do to Me." <a href="http://jasonewald.bandcamp.com/album/still-works">Still Works. by Jason Ewald</a> Jason Ewald - Still Works - EP    Jason Ewald on Myspace
L'Aura "Okumuki" - The uniquely talented Italian pop star. I co-wrote a few of these tracks. http://www.l-aura.com/ L'Aura - Okumuki    L'aura on Myspace
Anabella Zoch - An Argintine friend from Sevilla. I co-wrote some of these songs as well.   Anabella Zoch - Canto - Mariposas en el Cuerpo    Anabella Zoch on Myspace
Kamran Joya - The new star of the Afghan diaspora - I co-wrote and produced his latest CD "Ganj-e Guhar," and much of "Mastana." Sold together.    


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Kamran Joya On Myspace (Check "Bekhod..")
Dirty Dan, Eval Dan - Just a fun afternoon in the studio with amazing musicians Eva Primak and Dan Cantrell       Dirty Dan, Eval Dan on Myspace


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