Linda Fries, a San Francisco artist, has been painting professionally since the late 1970's. During the first fifteen years of her career, she was satisfied with painting in the abstract manner using commercial art materials. However, in 1993, she abruptly abandoned her indoor studio art practice, ceased using most conventional materials, and began her search for new ways of making art that would be more compatible with the natural world.

For four years she worked entirely outdoors in wild places under open skies, using only simple, earth-based materials: sumi ink from burnt pine bark and earth-wise, recycled or handmade papers.Immersed daily in the natural world, she found that a new perspective emerged. Themes in nature informed her images and the colors of the earth called to her. Eventually, the passion for true local color took over.

She began incorporating into her paintings the very ground on which she sat. In her work,, Ms. Fries uses only natural materials, which she collects and prepares herself. In addition to painting, Linda Fries is on the Board of Directors of WEAD: Women Environmental Artists Directory.   She lectures and gives workshops on various subjects in the arts.


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