ecology, art and the earth
on using natural materials

My paintings are made with hand ground earth pigments.
For the past several years I have been committed to creating art in the most natural way. I have developed a landscape/abstract painting process using only nature's ingredients. I collect my own pigments from the earth. I grind these colored soils by hand and mix them with a plant-based medium to make paint. Some soils are finely ground, while others are left in their original rugged state.

The colors are exactly as I have found them, untouched by any additives or mixing. While the manufacture of most modern art materials can and often does produce toxic or potentially harmful substances, the use of natural earth
colors recalls an earlier, more basic way of making art. By painting with
these earth pigments, I avoid adding new and often unknown chemical or
ecological dangers to our environment.


The themes of my paintings are drawn from years of working outside in wild places. My passion for wilderness, light and air, mountains, trees, rocks, the flow of water, the wind; and my fascination with the patters of nature and unseen energies are channeled into forms of abstraction and clothed in the vibrant, vivid colors of earth.

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